Weekly Cleaning

Weekly Cleanings

Weekly maintenance service (plus chemicals)

Our Weekly Service Includes (All services are prepaid):

  • Vacuum & Skim Pool
  • Empty Skimmer & Pump Baskets
  • Pool Equipment Operation Inspected
  • Pool Walls, Floor & Tile Brushed as needed
  • Filter Backwashed as needed
  • Water Testing & Balancing

Programs Offered – Price includes tax :

  • Bi-Weekly Service (7 visits)
    • Every two weeks – Provides 7 regularly scheduled service visits
      Note: Customer is responsible for maintaining the pool during off weeks
  • 14 Weekly Service Visits
    • Provides 14 regularly scheduled service visits
  • 18 Weekly Service Visits
    • Provides 18 regularly scheduled service visits
  • Chemicals (check if company is to supply chemicals)

Other Services Offered

  • DE Filter Grid or Cartridge Cleaning
  • Salt Cell Cleaning

*Required every 4-6 weeks under normal pool usage but will be done as needed

**Required 2-3 times during the season