Opening and Closing

Pool Openings

When it’s time to open your pool count on the experts at InfiniteBlu Pool Service to do the job right. We’ll re-install accessories such as diving boards, ladders, handrails, lights, pool cleaner, etc. And we’ll reassemble filter and pumps, including replacement of gaskets and/or seals if needed (parts not included), and perform a complete water chemistry check.


Open Before April 15th – Receive Two Free Cleanings
with Weekly Service Contract (To Start Immediately After Opening)
Our Opening Includes (Deposit required) :
  • Assemble Filter System
  • Priming & Starting System
  • Removing Winter Plugs
  • Install Ladders & Rails
  • Water Testing & Balancing
Other Services Offered at Opening :
  • Cover Removal
  • Spa Set-up
  • Chemicals
  • Cover Storage
  • Initial Vacuum per half hour (required with weekly)
  • Removal of Leaves & Water from Cover – per half hour
Additional Heater Maintenance Fee (for all customers with heaters) Heater disassembly and cleaning or pilot and/or burner jets. (Required for all pools with gas-fired heaters to insure safe & efficient operations.)
Note: if a return trip is required to start heater, a second trip charge of will apply. It is recommended that you have all natural gas heaters turned on and, where applicable, propane tanks filled to avoid 2nd trip charges.

Pool Closings

Protect Your Pool in Winter

When the summer season ends, InfiniteBlu Pool Service winterizes the pool equipment and all of the pool lines and adds necessary chemicals to the pool. A properly closed pool ensures a stress-free opening next season. Our services include lowering the water level in your pool accordingly; draining your pool’s filtration, heating and pumping equipment; blowing out filtration lines and equipment and installing winter plugs; removing the pool sweep and storing it on your property; covering the diving board; installing ice protection container in the skimmer and covering the filtering equipment with plastic.


Our Closing Includes (Deposit required):
  • Lower Water Level
  • Drain Pool
  • Filtration*, Heating & Pumping
  • Equipment
  • Blow Out Filtration*
  • Lines & Equipment &
  • Install Winter Plugs
  • Remove Pool Sweep (store on owner’s property), Cover Diving Board
  • Install Protection Container in Skimmer
Other Services Offered at Closing :
  • Chemicals
  • Pool Cover
  • Installation
  • Spa Closing
  • Vacuum & Skim Pool per half hour
  • Additional Pumps
  • Auto Fill
  • Filter Grid Assembly Cleaning
  • Automatic Pool Cleaner Servicing
* For one filter only
** Water Bag additional fees apply
*** Manufacturer Recommended – will be billed upon returning of the filter element or cleaner