4 Ways To Childproof Your Backyard Pool

4 Ways To Childproof Your Backyard Pool

It’ll be pool season soon, and you’ll be using your backyard pool more than ever. If you have children in your house, you’ll need to be a bit more careful when they’re playing around or even swimming in it.

In the United States, around 800 children drown in a pool or any other water enclosure every year. This is an alarming fact that needs immediate attention.  Swimming pool maintenance companies in New Jersey advise that all necessary steps should be taken during your pool’s renovation and maintenance to make it safe and secure when it comes to children using it.

1. Pool fencing

Its name gives it away; pool fencing refers to building a fence around your pool, which acts as a barrier to prevent falls or any other hazard that can occur near a pool. Although there aren’t any state laws requiring individuals to create a pool fence, you must do it as it can be a lifesaver, preventing toddlers from falling inside and drowning.


2. Pool covers

Another barrier that can provide fall protection is a pool cover, cheaper to install than a fence. This barrier can be retracted whenever the pool is used and can cover it when it’s unattended.

Pool covers should be capable of bearing the weight of an adult so that it doesn’t collapse when someone falls on them.

It’s also important to lock such pool covers properly to prevent someone from getting caught under them.

3. Pool alarms

These days swimming pools can also be automized to sound an alarm when a heavy object like a person or a child falls in. One drawback of such a system is that you’ll need to be close by or near the house to heat it goes off.

Surface alarms can also give false alarms due to any other object like birds or other items falling inside the pool; subsurface alarms are less likely to give such false alarms and are more reliable. You’ll need to be very cautious when it comes to installing such a system.

4. Pool safety

One of the best ways to ensure that your child is safe in a home with a backyard pool is to teach your children about pool safety.

You have an entire pool at your disposal. Teach your child how to swim. This will help them manage to take care of themselves even if a falling incident occurs.

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