The Pool Care Essentials Guide

The Pool Care Essentials Guide

Your swimming pool needs to be maintained regularly to improve its lifespan and ensure your health isn’t being compromised. Regardless of whether you’ve just installed a new pool or you’ve had it for years, it’s possible you need advice on how to handle it properly.

Maintaining your pool is a complicated process, and it’s often underestimated. This blog will outline how to look after your pool to ensure it remains in good shape. Let’s begin.

Ensure Proper Water Circulation

It’s essential to ensure that water is being circulated properly.  Lack of water circulation makes it easier for contaminants and algae to build up. Filter systems and pool pumps keep the pool water running and make it less stagnant. It’s essential to run the pool pump for 10 to 12 hours a day. The more your water circulates, the cleaner your pool will be. If the pressure is higher, make sure that you wash your pool pump regularly.

Remove Sediments from the Wall

Debris and algae can accumulate on your pool’s wall as well as slides and ladders. Therefore, you should brush the pool’s walls every week to remove dirt and stop algae from spreading. You can use a brush to remove the algae and then gather the sediment towards the drain so that it can be disposed of easily.

Clean the Skimmer

Keep an eye out for the skimmer. Make sure you clean it regularly—about once a week or so. Removing debris makes it easier for the skimmer to function efficiently and at full capacity. To ensure this, evaluate the water level in your pool. If it goes past the skimmer level, the debris won’t be collected properly.

Test the Water

Before you go about making any changes, test the water in your pool. You can use a testing kit to measure the water’s PH levels, alkalinity, and sanitizer levels. The ideal PH level for your pool should be between the range 7.4 to 7.6, and the alkalinity should be between 100 to 150 ppm. It’s possible to increase alkalinity levels in your pool by using baking soda.

It’s best to leave pool maintenance in the hands of professionals. If you’re in New Jersey, you can reach out to us. We offer pool cleaning services, pool water testing, and more. Reach out to us if you want to make an appointment.