“5” Swimming Pool Cleaning Accessories You Should Know O

“5” Swimming Pool Cleaning Accessories You Should Know O

When you own a swimming pool, you know you have to tend to it as well. Maintaining the appearance and quality of water isn’t rocket science, but you need to have a basic know-how of your pool’s needs. However, with the right information and knowledge, you can make better choices while investing in your pool cleaning accessories.

Whatever you may decide for your pool’s health at the end of the day, here are some cleaning accessories that you don’t want to miss:

Pool Shock:

Pictures can fool anyone into believing that pools are always sparkling clean reserves of water for anyone to jump in at any time. However, every pool owner knows it’s not true. Human bodies house numerous bacteria, oil, and dirt. When you get into a pool, not only your sunscreen, lotion, and makeup come off, but so do your dead skin, oils, and your bacteria.

That’s where pool shocks come in. Pools shock is a cleaning chemical that helps sanitize your pool water. Calcium hypochlorite and sodium dichlor are some varieties of Pool shock in the market. Each pool shock varies in its composition. Generally, it would help if you shocked your pool every 3-4 weeks to rid it of any algae, contamination, or bacteria.

You should also consider pool shock if some emptied their bowels or threw up in the pool.

Water Test Strips:

This one is an absolute essential. Water test strips are a cheap, easy, and sure-shot way of testing your pool’s water quality. The latter needs to happen often, mainly if you use the pool regularly.

Water test strips are easy to work with. You put them in the water for a couple of minutes and note the color change. The change of color should be compared to the color scheme given with the strips to know your water state. Test strips can reveal the water’s alkalinity, pH, chlorine content, and hardness, along with other things.


A pool skimmer is an essential item on this checklist. It’s an easy and convenient way to eliminate any obvious, loose debris on the water surface.

A skimmer is a flat net attached to a long pole to help you reach further-away areas on the pool. You need it, especially if you have trees and lots of plants nearby. It might even come in handy for removing insects from your pool.


Pool Covers:

Pool covers are a preventive supply that you may need to prevent any water contamination or growth of algae etc., during a seasonal affliction. You may use covers in winters, or in case you have a strong one; you can use them when a storm or rain strikes.

Pool covers come in different varieties and can be a worthy investment if you often close down your pool.

Multi-purpose Floor Cleaner:

When dealing with water and pools, it is essential to remember that there will be stains. These stains may be because of calcium scaling or because of metal rust. A floor cleaner can help you keep your pool’s floor and walls in good health.

Final Word:

Whether you’re a private pool owner or a commercial one, repairs and a pool’s maintenance can be a job for professionals. Reach out to InfiniteBlu Pool Serivices today and let us help you maintain and repair your pool in Kenilworth. We also supply material and accessories for your pool.