Fun and Easy Pool Cleaning Hacks For DIY Enthusiasts

Fun and Easy Pool Cleaning Hacks For DIY Enthusiasts

You’re probably reading this blog because you own a pool, and you want to look up ways to do it better. Congratulations! You’re a responsible pool owner. Keeping a pool is not an easy job. All we get to see about its the easy part—the splashing around and enjoyment. But people rarely bring up the problematic maintenance and how time-consuming all of it might get.

No worries, we understand and are here to help all of you DIY lovers.

Here are some excellent ideas to help you get started:

Citric and Ascorbic Acid for Metal Stains:

Metal stains and rust can be a common sight in pools and something you’d like to get rid of.You can use vitamin C tablets to help you out with that.

  • Take a few tablets.
  • Crush the tablets into finer granules and put them into a sock.
  • Now rub the sock over the stain.
  • Once the vitamin C and acid start to react, the stain will dull down.

Use A Pantyhose Filter:

There are always clogs in the filter systems, especially in the winter seasons.No matter how hard you try, some of the other finer particles keep accumulating and end up clogging the filters. Use this DIY to help prevent that.

  • Take your skimmer basket and an old pantyhose.
  • Stretch the pantyhose over the basket and firmly secure it.
  • Attach the skimmer in its original position.

The pantyhose will catch the finer particles before they clog the filters. You can empty and check this filter every couple of weeks.


Vinegar, Lime, and Soda help Remove Calcium Scaling:

White lines on the sides of your pool may be calcium scaling stains. This happens when the water’s pH is unbalanced and can also indicate the increasing hardness of your pool water.

The stains can be dealt with quickly with some kitchen chemicals.

Take some vinegar and an equal amount of water for dilution.
Next, use a sponge to scrub the scaling stain.
TIP: If the stains are harder, use an old toothbrush with salt and lime to fight them.

Use Tennis Balls To Remove Oils:

Oils from makeup, body lotions, sunscreens can be left in the water giving the pool a dirty, murky look. Try this hack for a sparkling water effect.

Take a few tennis balls and let them float in the pool, soaking up the oils.
You can also try placing these balls in the skimmer basket if you have them in place.

Final Word:

Although these DIY tips work, they’re not a long-term solution to pool cleaning and maintenance. At InfiniteBlu Pool Services, we offer premierpool maintenance and pool repair services in Kenilworth. Our professionals are trained and have the necessary equipment to keep your pools sparkling.

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