How To Keep Your Pool Cool In The Summer

How To Keep Your Pool Cool In The Summer

With 2020’s summer recorded as one of the hottest years on record in New Jersey, we should prepare for this year in every way possible. As pool owners, one of the most significant drawbacks of having a backyard pool is hot water in the summer heat.

This takes away from the entire concept of having a pool in the first place.

A swimming pool maintenance company in New Jersey has given a few tips to beat the heat this summer with a cool pool.

1. Water Features

They are often considered an expensive way to keep your pool’s temperature down. This method is one of the most effective as it uses evaporation to cool down the pool. Installing a fountain, artificial waterfall, or aerator helps to maintain your pool’s temperate.

The idea is precisely the same as keeping a damp towel around your neck to feel cool.

Although it’s pricey and will take time to install, it’s an efficient option for cooling your pool.

2. Filter your pool at night

When it comes to budget-friendly options for cooling your pool, an easy step to take is running your pool filter at night. As the air Is cooler, it imitates the same principle of evaporation and drops down the water’s temperature.

Although this method is dependent on the temperature outside, it’s an effective way to keep the pool’s water moving.

3. Sun cover

Covering your pool from the sun’s heat is another effective option for maintaining the pool’s temperature. By installing a canopy over your pool, you’ll stop direct contact of the sun with our pool’s water, preventing it from getting warm.

4. Drain and refill your pool

A more extreme option for maintaining your pool’s temperature is replacing its water. In this case, you’ll be removing or draining more than half of the pool’s water and replacing it with new water. If the surface of your pool water is an underground well, you’ll be refilling your pool with cool water in no time.

There is, however, an obvious disadvantage of the water being wasted. You’ll also need to adjust the chemical content in the pool, as well water has harmful bacteria and germs in it.

These methods for cooling your pool are effective and can quickly get the job done. In just this way, you’ll be able to enjoy the coming hot summer days fully utilizing the benefits of your backyard pool.


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