How to Make Your Pool More Energy Efficient

How to Make Your Pool More Energy Efficient

Now that due to the pandemic, mostly everyone is staying home, we are consuming more energy than we normally would. Not just because of our appliances but also because of our swimming pools and the pool heaters. This isn’t just inefficient energy consumption but also costs money, approx. $1,000 per year.

In the US alone, 8.5 million residential pools are installed, along with 200,000 pools being built every year. Having a swimming pool is a commitment, and swimming pool maintenance is already hard enough so let us take you through ways you can make your pool energy efficient and save money (and the planet!!)

Prevent Evaporation

The best way to prevent evaporation is to use pool covers. Evaporation reduces the water in your pool, which is one of the main reasons your pool loses energy. The pool covers combat the process of evaporation and reduce water loss.

A windbreaker that fits your pool’s design would also help with evaporation. Get some walls or fences installed. Hedges and trees also help a great deal with evaporation!

Change your pool lighting

ED lights have taken over almost every other light out there. They can last 3–25 times longer and save almost 80% energy consumption. LED lights are much more efficient and can be a great addition to your pool area.

Pool Cleaners and Filtration Systems

Your pool can have a lot of debris gathering up in the filters, and the cleaner will then require more energy to get rid of it. Make pool cleaning a frequent chore (just like you would with your household), install modernized filters that will require less backwashing, which would also mean less usage of pool heaters.

Better Ways of Pool Heating

Instead of relying on the conventional pool heaters that consume the most energy, you can switch to solar pool heaters. Solar heaters can work better than gas and electricity-powered pool heaters and cost almost the same as them. The overall operational cost for the entire year is also low for solar heaters, and they work great for climates like the one in New Jersey.

The pool covers we mentioned earlier can also help a great deal in reducing the usage of pool heaters. Deep heating is also an advanced heating technology, which uses the latest materials and products to keep your pool warm and uses less energy.

Along with new pool heating technology, pool covers, and pool cleaning services, we also stock the best swimming pool products in Kenilworth. Not only do we offer free-of-cost consultations, but our services are cost-effective too.

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