How to Teach Your Child to Swim at Nearly Any Age

How to Teach Your Child to Swim at Nearly Any Age

The American Academy of Pediatrics believes that learning how to swim gives toddlers the skills required to be safe in the water and adds a layer of protection against drowning.  Moreover, it promotes a healthier lifestyle.

The AAP recommends that you don’t teach your child to swim until they’re at least one year old. Even then, it’s essential to consider their physical and emotional maturity, comfort level, and development before making the final decision.

If you think they’re ready, you can teach them the basics of swimming. Here’s how.

Introduce Them to the Water

If your child is afraid of water, it’s best to start with baby steps. You can introduce them to the pool by just dipping their toes in the water. You can also fill a small cup of water and pour it on them to help them get used to it. Once your child shows some interest, let them experiment with water while you supervise.

Make the Water Activities Fun

Give your child the freedom to enjoy the water. You can buy goggles and let them get familiar with them. You can also turn the small pool into a fun place where they can enjoy the water and splash around in it. You can blow bubbles, play some fun games with them and have your child climb in and out of the pool by helping them.

Once your child becomes comfortable with the water levels, you can increase the amount of water.

Teach Them to Hold Their Breath

When you’re teaching your child swimming, it’s important to teach them how to hold their breath. You can teach them how to close their nose with one hand and immerse their face in the water. They can come back up from it any time.

Most children are ready to swim when they’re four years old. That’s because they can coordinate their movements, hold their breath, kick their feet and jump into a small pool. However, you can always begin lessons when they’re much younger by following the above tips to turn them into expert swimmers in no time.

The best way to teach your child swimming is by going to an actual swimming pool. If you’re in New Jersey, consider installing one in your backyard. We’re here to help you with that. From pool cleaning to pool maintenance, we offer several pool services to our clients. Contact us to make an appointment.