Ways to Keep Your Pool Protected During Winters

Ways to Keep Your Pool Protected During Winters

As the summer days come to an end, you’re left with an unused swimming pool. The Winter season comes with freezing temperatures in New Jersey that can be harsh to any structure outdoors. Therefore, you must take the right steps to preserve your pool.

The best thing that you can do to preserve your pool during winters is to close it off. Doing so requires a series of steps and regular checkups. In this blog, we take you through four things that you need to do to protect your pool all winter long.

Keep a Check on the Pool and Equipment

Debris and pollen accumulate over the cover of your pool and inside of it when it’s not in use for long durations. During the winter season, you must make it a habit to keep an eye out for any debris forming in your pool or on top of its cover.

The same thing goes for the equipment in place. Unwanted elements make their way to your pool’s filter and pump, which requires cleanup. Make sure to keep a regular check on this equipment during winters to avoid damage.

Balance the Water Chemistry

Keeping a balance in the water levels of your pool might seem like a difficult task. However, it’s not as difficult as it sounds. Leaving the pH and acid levels unchecked for long durations throughout winter can damage your pool’s surface and equipment exponentially.

Consider maintaining the water balance by using chlorine and keeping algae at bay, using algaecide a weekly chore. Doing so will ensure that your pool functions perfectly even after the winter is over.

Clear Out the Plumbing and Pipelines

When preparing your pool for the winter season, clearing out your plumbing and pipelines becomes necessary. That’s because water expands when it freezes. You want to ensure that you have water left in the pipelines to ensure that it doesn’t damage the plumbing.

Blowing out water is easy using a vacuum as you can clear out each of your pipelines with this. Once this is done, you should ideally place a plug or rubber gasket at the ends so that there’s no risk of water flowing back in the pipelines.

Invest in Pool Covers

After preparing the internal elements of your pool for the winter, it’s time to move to the external part. Pool covers are an essential part of winterizing your swimming pool. They keep debris, pollen, and dirt accumulation to a minimum, while also protecting the pool surface from UV damage.

A lot of variety is available for you to choose from when it comes to pool covers. From solar covers to mesh designs, you can choose one that matches your style.

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