When Do You Need To Renovate Your Swimming Pool?

When Do You Need To Renovate Your Swimming Pool?

Swimming pool construction has gone from 2.9% to 3.7% in 2021. This has to do with the rising demands for at-home activities due to COVID-19. More construction of swimming pools gives way to high needs for its maintenance as well. However, if you’re not regular with maintenance, it’ll deteriorate the structure of your pool.

Have you left your swimming pool without maintenance for too long? There’s a high chance it might need some renovations. Here’s how you can figure out when you need to renovate your swimming pool.

Notable Cracks or Damage to the Pool

Cracks on your swimming pool’s structure are highly alarming. These can cause pool leaks and overall structure deterioration, which can restrict your pool use. As soon as you see cracks forming on the concrete of your pool, you must reach out to professionals for an inspection.

Once the inspection is done, they can guide you better about how you can move forward with the swimming pool renovation. Often, cracks in your pool are fixed through spot treatments. However, if they’re too deep and have weakened the structure of your pool, a renovation would be needed.

Recurring Plumbing Problems

Do you feel that the plumbing system of your swimming pools requires regular checks? Many people avoid dealing with excessive plumbing issues and go forward with a complete pool remodel.

This can help change the entire system of your pool as the old, faulty one is replaced.

How can you identify plumbing issues? Frequent water leaks, cracked pipes, and clogged plumbing are easy giveaways to getting your pool renovated.

Old and Damaged Pool Decks

While everyone enjoys their time inside the pool, many overlook the importance of the deck. Being irregular with maintenance and cleanups leads to a myriad of issues with your deck that includes algae and mold growth, cracks on the structure, unsafe deck tiles, chemical stains, and fading paint.

Along with this, the age factor comes into play that causes wear and tear. Wooden decks, especially, are susceptible to rot in the structure. Therefore, always keep your eyes peeled for any damage to your deck.

Renovate Your Swimming Pool with InfiniteBlu Pool Services

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